AstraZeneca, Sweden

AstraZeneca is a global innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company specialising in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription medicines. They operate in over 100 countries employ around 50,000 people worldwide.


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Building system operations are critical for the continuous process of production and research. In partnerships the challenge is to maintain collaborative working environment and professional business relationship.


AstraZeneca has a facility management contract with Caverion including operation and maintenance of the company's facilities in Södertälje and Mölndal. Contract includes administrative and technical management, maintenance of buildings and building systems. Caverion is also responsible for the systematic fire protection work.


2012 -

Facts about the building

Södertälje factory is one of the world's largest ones in space and efficiency. Södertälje factory floor area 560,000  sqm.

Mölndal factory conducts research with representatives from 30 countries. Mölndal factory floor area 275,000 sgm. 

Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Caverion has approx. 60 employees working in these two factories
  • Caverion service people handle more than 1,000 service calls per month. 
  • Contract period is for three years with an option for two more years.
  • over 1,000
    service calls per month

    2012 -

    Caverion employees