Kaivomestari, Espoo, Finland

Kaivomestari is the first public-private partnership project (PPP) in real estate sector in Finland. Project company Arandur Oy was established with Caverion, NCC and Sodexo to run the project. These companies also work as subcontractors in the facility. 


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City of Espoo has lot of facilities that require constant maintenance. Combined with continuous savings, it has been challenging for the city to keep facilities in good condition. Result has been that many facilities has been forced to be demolished and build again. This has been experienced as very expensive for the city. Usually the warranty of service providers is only 2 years. After that expenses fall to the responsibility of the city. 


  • City of Espoo has made 25 years life cycle agreement with Caverion
  • Property must be available continuously and after 25 years of use have a value equivalent to a new. 
  • Lack of services will cause a reduction of the service charges. Customer satisfaction surveys are organized yearly to confirm the service level of subcontractors. 
  • City of Espoo has fixed yearly cost, no budget needed for repairs 
  • Caverion is responsible of facility energy costs. With good maintenance and surveillance with the assistance of Help Desk and Control room, we maintain the energy efficiency of the facility constantly in good level. 
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    Facts about the facility

  • Kaivomestari facility includes high school, sports hall, swimming hall, adult education center and private health club 
  • Located in Espoo, Finland
  • Swimming hall floor space 5,032 m2, high school and sports hall floor space 6,401 m2. Total floor space 11,434 m2. 
  • 5 swimming pools for the use of 250 clients. Approx. 260,000 visitors in the swimming hall per year.  
  • 540 students in high school
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Life cycle agreement of 25 years
  • Facilities management and maintenance
  • Help desk services 24/7
  • Safety and security services
  • Real estate administration
  • Outdoor area maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • 24/7
    Help desk services

    high school students

    25 years
    Life cycle agreement