Seabrokers, 5 buildings, Stavanger, Norway

Seabrokers are engaged in ship broking, property development, facility management, construction, sea surveillance and secure lifting operations. Amongst others, they own and operate five buildings in western Svanholmen in Forus, Stavanger, Norway. The tenants are high profile companies, and the buildings are often referred to as “gullrekka" (the golden line). The tenants of these five buildings are Statoil (two buildings), Gas de France, Sandnes Sparebank and ENI.


  • Техническое обслуживание
  • Управление проектом
  • Выполнение проекта
  • Проектирование & Инжиниринг
  • Консалтинговые услуги


  • Электроснабжение
  • Вентиляция & Кондиционирование
  • Охрана & Безопасность
  • Отопление & Водоснабжение и канализация
  • Системы автоматизации


  • Владельцы недвижимости и девелоперы



Seabrokers required maintenance of technical installations at five of its buildings in Forus, Stavanger to provide a healthy indoor climate and well-run buildings for its high profile tenants.



Seabrokers signed a ServiFlex agreement with Caverion on all five buildings. This includes electrical installations, ventilation and air conditioning, security and piping. Caverion perform service and maintenance on the ventilation and air conditioning twice a year and once a year for the other discplines.





Facts about the building

Western Svanholmen1: Statoil
  • area: 31,000 m²
  • 5 floors + basement
  • indoor and outdoor parking
Western Svanholmen 4: Sandnes Sparebank
  • year built: 2008
  • area: 19,000 m²
  • 5 floors + basement
  • indoor and outdoor parking
Western Svanholmen 6 Gas De France
  • area: 13,000 m²
  • 5 floors + basement
Western Svanholmen 12: Eni
  • year built: 2007
  • area: 13,000 m²
  • 5 floors + basement 
  • indoor and outdoor parking
Vassbotn 23: Statoil 
  • expanded and renovated in 2008 
  • area: 36,000 m² 
  • 5 floors + basement
  • outdoor parking 

Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Contract worth approximately 1, 800 000 NOK a year.
  • Power: internal control, building automation, emergency lighting, automation
  • Climate: ventilation and cooling.
  • Security: security alarm, access control, internal tv, fire alarm.
  • Piping: sprinkler, pump service.